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Riebe's Artist Materials Inc.

Artist Furniture & Tools in Melville, New York

Find quality artist furniture and tools for your personal studio when you shop at Riebe's Artists Materials in Melville, New York. Stop by our store today to learn more about our selection of artist tools and furniture or to order a custom table for your needs.
Artist Tables & Workstations:
• DesignMaster 4-Post Steel Drawing Tables
• DesignMaster 4-Post Compact Drawing Table
• DesignMaster 4-Post Office-Height Drawing Table
• MAYLINE Ranger® and Economy Ranger®
• ALVIN "Pavillon" Pedestal Drawing Table
• ALVIN Titan 4-Post Drafting Table
• SAFCO PlanMaster Drafting Table
• The "Vista" Drawing Table
• SAFCO Graphics Workstation
• SAFCO Folding Computer Table
• The "Onyx" Drafting Height Table
• The "CraftMaster" Hobby Station
• SMI Oak Computer Table
• SMI Double Station Table
Drawing kit - Art Supplies in Melville, New York
• The "Workmaster"
• The "Workmaster Jr."
• The "MiniMaster"
• The "Ensign"
• The "Workcenter" Table
• The "Elite"
• The "Opal"
• The Professional
• The "Integra"
• SMI 4-Post Table
• SMI Split Table
• The "Fold-A-Matic"
• ALVIN "Reflex" Table
•Alva-Trace Light Table
rt palette with paint and a brush - Art Supplies in Melville, New York
Artist Tools & Accessories:
• Pocket Guide to Mixing Color
• "Euro" Full-Size French Easel
• PRISMACOLOR® Marker Sets
• "Cornell" Deluxe Pro-Table Easel
• Oval Beech Wood Palettes
• BAGWORKS Tote Bags & Aprons
• BAGWORKS Deluxe Brush Case
• Hand Mannequins
• Oval Plastic Palettes
• Paint Tube Squeezer
• 7-Piece Clay Modeling Tools
• Brush Holders
• Pottery Tool Kit
• ALVIN 2-Piece Nesting Craft Box Sets
Contact us at (631) 427-8644 to learn more about our selection of art supplies or visit us to browse our latest arrivals.