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Drawing Supplies in Melville, New York

 At Riebe's Artists Materials in Melville, New York, we carry a large selection of art supplies, including graphing, drawing, and painting supplies. Our inventory includes quality, brand-name drawing instruments and drawing aids, and we gladly assist you in choosing the right materials for your needs. Contact us today to browse our latest arrivals or to stock up on your favorite brands.


Drawing Instruments:

• Introductory 6" Bow Compass
• Traditional 6" Master Bow Compass
• Universal Master Bow Compass
• Pencil Compass Set
• Academic Bow Pencil Compass

Technical & Collegiate Drawing Outfits
• SD404 Drawing Outfit
• ALVIN "Scholastic" Drawing Outfit
• CP900 Drawing Outfit
• Architects' Kit
• Custom Kits

• PANASONIC Electric Pencil Sharpener
• KUM Pencil Sharpeners
• ALVIN "Rub-Lite" White Rose Eraser
• ALVIN "Able-Rub" Art Gum Erasers
• SANFORD Design™ Kneaded Rubber Erasers
• SANFORD Pink Pearl Pencil Eraser

Drawing Pencils
• ALVIN Paramount "Circle" Drawing Pencils
• GENERAL'S® "Badger" All-Purpose Writing Pencils
• ALVIN No. 2 HB Pencil
• SANFORD Turquoise 375 Series Drawing Pencils
• FABER-CASTELL 9000 Black Lead Pencils

Drawing Kits
• GENERAL'S Basic Drawing Kit
• GENERAL'S Charcoal Kit
• GENERAL'S Drawing Kit
• GENERAL'S "Kimberely" Graphite Drawing Kit
• Art Pencil Sets
• SANFORD Prismacolor Pencils

awing Aids:

• "Para-Liner" Mobile Parallel Straightedge
• "Para-Liner Deluxe" Mobile Parallel Straightedge
• "Guide-Line" Acrylic Plastic Parallel Straightedge
• MAYLINE Mobile Parallel Ruling Straightedges

Drafting Machines
• "TOM" Drafting Machine
• VEMCO® 3500 "Detailer" Compact Elbow Drafting Machines
• ALVIN® Track Drafting Machines
• Custom-Designed Templates
• Architectural
• Lighting Fixtures
• Plumbing - Plain Views
• Landscape
• Bolts & Nuts
• Electric/Electronic

T-Square Rulers
• Lightweight Aluminum Graduated T-Square Ruler
• Heavy-Duty Aluminum Graduated T-Square Rulers
• Lance® Standard T-Squares

Drawing Boards
• ME Series& Studio/Task Portable

Contact us today to learn more about our art materials or to place an order.